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I design & build a lot of bespoke Wordpress themes for clients, and before I just took the best parts out of the default Kubrick and made my own 'vanilla' theme.

The new default, TwentyTen is way too complex for my needs, and is a bit kitchen sink.

Are there any lightweight WordPress 3 themes like these? http://designceo.com/20-lightweight-minimalist-wordpress-themes ?


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In the Reading Settings, there is place to set the number of posts shown that affects the number of posts shown in all contexts. I'd like to show instead a certain number of posts on the homepage, and a different number of posts on pages like archive, search results, etc.


I realize I could do this by editing the theme files and changing the query parameters there, but I'd prefer to have easier access to a simple settings page. A long time ago, I came across a plugin that did this, but I can't locate it now.

Does anyone know of a plugin to do this, or even a function I could put in functions.php to accomplish the same thing?

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wp-admin seems to be redirecting

asked Aug 11 2010 20:28 on wordpress

I'm having a strange problem with my w-admin login. This has only started since I upgraded to 3.0

When I go to wp-admin, the login form appears as normal, but when I enter my username and pass, I am presented with the login form again every time. Using the password recovery feature results in an email not found error. I know the username password and email are correct, b/c I have access to the mysql database and I can see the values (at least the user name and email).

Anyone have any ideas of what could be going wrong?

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How can I import users into WordPress?

asked Aug 11 2010 20:36 on wordpress

I have a spreadsheet (XLS) of names, email addresses, and passwords from another content management system. Is there a way to import these folks as users (I think subscriber level, but some may be Editors as well) into WordPress?

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How can I create an affiliate program in WordPress?

asked Aug 11 2010 20:49 on wordpress

Suggestions for plugins, best practices, etc. welcome.

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Permissions to get autoupdate to work

asked Aug 11 2010 20:51 on wordpress

I'm at version 3.0 and want to move to 3.0.1 without having to download>unzip>delete>upload but I get this error when trying to update:

Could not create directory.: /public/wp-content/upgrade/wordpress-3.tmp/wordpress

Is it safe to chmod 777 the upgrade folder?

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How do I make my blog iPad / iPhone / Android friendly?

asked Aug 11 2010 20:51 on wordpress

How do I make sure my blog is iPad / iPhone / Android / touch-device friendly?

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How can you use custom types/taxonomies?

asked Aug 11 2010 21:05 on wordpress

The custom types/taxonomies feature of WP 3.0 is a neat one. I can think of a few ways to use the duo: to display projects, a portfolio, or a gallery. What else can custom types and taxonomies be leveraged for?

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Can I rename the wp-admin folder?

asked Aug 11 2010 21:35 on wordpress

Is it possible to rename the wp-admin folder?

I know I could just rename it, but unless it's supported by the code lots of things would break.

If I use a custom folder name, it will make it slightly more secure, security by obscurity and all that.

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I do development on one box and use a second for production. Right now I just dump the database and then do a find a replace for the URL changes; then copy over the files and import the new SQL.

Are there better ways of doing this?

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Usually when I create some form of query, I use an array for my arguments like this:

$postslistArgs = array( 
    'child_of' => 320,
    'parent' => 320
$postslist = get_pages($postslistArgs);

There are other times, however, when I need/want to use URI-style query parameters like this:


That's all straightforward, but is there any way possible to use the URI parameter style on more advance union/intersection queries such as post__not_in that require an array of IDs?

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Is there a way to force ssl on certain pages

asked Aug 11 2010 22:30 on wordpress

I want to force a secure connection on some of my pages (ones with forms), but I don't want the whole site to work with ssl (slows it down)

Is there a way to configure specific pages to require ssl?

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How can I version the main CSS file?

asked Aug 11 2010 22:44 on wordpress

How can I instruct wordpress to use a filename other than 'styles.css' for my main stylesheet - for example, styles-1.css? I'd like to do this for versioning and caching purposes.

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How to create a new theme from scratch?

asked Aug 11 2010 23:08 on wordpress

I'm new to WordPress.

Which steps would I need to do, to get my new design implemented as a WordPress theme?

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How do you debug plugins?

asked Aug 11 2010 23:09 on wordpress

I am pretty new to plugin authoring and was having a hard time debuging.

I used lots of echo and it is sloppy and ugly.

I am sure there is a better way to do this, maybe an IDE with a debugger that I can run the entire site in including the plugin?

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Alternate post_class on each post

asked Aug 12 2010 03:26 on wordpress

I need to have an alternating (even, odd...) class on posts to provide alternate highlights on a column. The best thing would be to attach this to the post_class() so that it's on every instance of post_class(). Below is the code I have at this point to achieve this effect.


// setting other variables for alternating categories
$style_classes = array('even', 'odd');
$style_counter = 0;

<?php if (have_posts()) : ?>

<?php while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>

<div class="<?php $k = $style_counter%2; echo $style_classes[$k]; $style_counter++; ?>">

<?php the_cotent(); ?>


<?php endwhile; ?>

<?php endif; ?>

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Twice now I've updated wordpress, only to realise that (facepalm) it overwrites some changes I've made to the custom template - to sidebar or something similar.

Obviously I don't HAVE to update, but it's better to for add-ons etc, and I like having the latest products and bug fixes.

What are other people's strategies for straightforward updates to wordpress without losing custom modifications to the default template?

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I would like to have a single post on my front page (always the latest), but let normal paging work. So the front page has post 1, the next page should have post 2-11 (1-10 is fine too), then 12-21 or 11-20, and so on. I know I can change the number of posts depending on the context, but setting this to "1" on the homepage means the further pages also show only one post.

My main problem is that /page/2/ and so on works, but /page/1/ always redirects to the real home page, /. This means posts 2-10 are always skipped, since page 2 shows 11-20. I currently solve this by linking to my archive, but this is not ideal when you come to the first posts of the year and there are fewer posts and no obvious way of continuing.

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I realize this may be a broad question on the surface, but I'm looking for specific examples of setups/workflows that people use to keep a version history of edited files on a WordPress site. For instance, when developing a site (and even after it's live), I often make changes to CSS and PHP files, but I don't have a great way of reverting to older versions of those files. For my purposes, making changes on a local development installation and then copying those changes over to the live site is often more trouble than I'd like. Any suggestions on how to get started using a versioning tool to track edits to files on a live site?

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what the best way to include images from the template's images folder? is it by using get_bloginfo('template_url')? I understood that its better to hard code the path to the images folder since this way you save function calls in PHP..

any thoughts?

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