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What path finding algorithms are there?

asked Jul 14 2010 19:10 on gamedev

I'd like to read up on path finding algorithms. Is there a primer available or any material or tutorials on the Internet that would be a good start for me?

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What are the best iPhone game development resources?

asked Jul 14 2010 19:16 on gamedev

What are your favorite game development resources for the iPhone? I'll start with cocos2d for the iPhone.

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What pitfalls did you encounter when writing games for the PC with a managed Language like C# and how did you solve them?

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Where can I find free sounds for my game?

asked Jul 14 2010 19:17 on gamedev

I need some sound effects for my game. Where can I find some? Or any programs that can easily generate them?

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What's the newest trend / method for terrain rendering?

asked Jul 14 2010 19:17 on gamedev

The last time I checked in on terrain rendering, ROAM was the new hotness. Yes, that was a long time ago. I liked ROAM a lot, though, because it was extremely simple to program, and gave pretty decent results. I imagine that the technology has improved quite a bit now. What are the most popular methods for terrain rendering these days?

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What scripting language should I choose for my game?

asked Jul 14 2010 19:18 on gamedev

In what cases are what scripting languages better than others?

All answers are appreciated, please provide a description, and describe in what cases the language excels in.

(Remember, one language per answer)

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Gesture Recognition Strategies

asked Jul 14 2010 19:18 on gamedev

Working with the Wii I often find it necessary to recognize simple gestures, so far I've been able to mainly look at magnitude of acceleration in order to recognize the gestures called out for in our game design documents, but I'd like to create a more robust system that allows "recording" of example gestures and recognition of complex gestures.

What strategies have you used in the past? Why did they work? Why didn't they work? What would you do differently?

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I have been working with SFML(C++) and Flash(AS3) and usually creating prototypes for some ideas I have.

Is it better to use the language you are going to use in the end (C++ usually) or use something simple and quick (AS3, Python, etc) to get it working and then start from scratch when you start on the main product?

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Where can I find free music for my game?

asked Jul 14 2010 19:19 on gamedev

I'm in need of some tunes for my game. Where can I procure some, preferably for free?

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How does A* pathfinding work?

asked Jul 14 2010 19:19 on gamedev

I would like to understand on a fundamental level the way in which A* pathfinding works. Any code or psuedo-code implementations as well as visualizations would be helpful.

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Cross Platform 2D Graphics Engines

asked Jul 14 2010 19:20 on gamedev

I'm looking for a 2D graphics engine that would allow me to release to Windows, Mac and the iPhone, much the way Unity does for 3D.

Is there a good engine that does this and is specific to 2D?

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How can I implement a global high score ladder?

asked Jul 14 2010 19:20 on gamedev

Are there any existing frameworks I can build on? Should I build my own? How can I prevent fake scores from being posted to it?

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Where can I find free sprites and images?

asked Jul 14 2010 19:21 on gamedev

I need sprites and images, such as characters, landscapes and others. Where can I find them?

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I want to try my hand at writing a 3D game. However I don't want to start at such a low level of drawing individual triangles and writing my own 3D object loader and so on. I've heard of things like Irrlicht, Crystal Space 3D, and Cafu, but I don't have any experience with any of them. I'm looking for suggestions from people who have experience with these or other engines on which ones are well written, and are easy to get started using, without having to learn a ton of 3D math theory and how GPUs work internally.

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What is ambient occlusion?

asked Jul 14 2010 19:21 on gamedev

I've heard about ambient occlusion and it looks nice, but what exactly is it?

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When comparing the web to other platforms (such as consoles or the iPhone) what are the trade-offs? What does the web excel at most? What are the weaknesses of using the web as a platform?

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Which for basic RTS prototype: Unity or Torque?

asked Jul 14 2010 19:23 on gamedev

I'm wanting to test my hand at writing an RTS (something I've never gotten very far with), and so I'm looking for an indie engine that would give me the most success with a quick setup that I can then tweak and start to get the ins and outs of RTS design/development.

I've had a bit of familiarity with both Torque and Unity both, but never from that perspective.

Which would get me closer to base prototype faster?

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How can I implement dialog trees into my game?

asked Jul 14 2010 19:24 on gamedev

What is the best way to implement a dialog tree system in my game? I want an NPC to give the player different sets of responses, some which may only appear when the Player has an item or a previous event has occurred.

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Those games that are not fortunate enough to run on a locked platform spec, like handhelds, need to run across various resolution formats and aspect ratios.

In a 3D game you might have a HUD or menu GUI based on raster graphics, and in a 2D game you might have a bunch of quads which are vessels for sprites.

So my question is, how do you approach designing and operating content across various resolutions and aspect ratio? Let's assume you have a sprite character that is 300x400 pixels sprite and surrounded by a level made of tiles. On different resolutions/aspect ratios you'd see a different FOV altogether. Or if you have a HUD or a GUI menu, you'd want to keep some stuff at same positions and of same size relative to the screen. Yet, graphics source is raster bitmaps, not vector.

Obviously, problem has been addressed numerous times. I'm interested to hear abut various approaches that worked for you so far. Do you keep an arbitrary dimension agnostic 'pixel' unit that you magically transform into needed dimensions via formula based on res and aspect ratio or other approaches?


So, conclusion is to enumerate your aspect ratios. Lowest combination of aspect:resolution is the one you design important stuff into. A safe area if you will. Same aspect ratios, but higher resolutions are simple scaling issues. Art content is designed for highest resolution. Larger aspect ratios simply show more of level/FOV with information presented which is not critical as is the one in safe area. Something like in this image I made. alt text

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Teamwork in Unity

asked Jul 14 2010 19:24 on gamedev

I have a Unity project without any version control, and I need to share it with another developer so that both of us can work on the project.

What strategies should be use that play nice with Unity Assets?

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