• 3 Reasons Claw Tubs Are in Style Again

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    July 12, 2020 /  Advertising & Marketing

    In the late 19th century, wealthy families often installed cast-iron tubs that were lined with porcelain. Unlike modern drop-in bathtubs, they were freestanding and big enough to provide a luxurious bathing experience. Known as claw tubs, they stood on four pedestals shaped like animal feet.

    They went out of style decades ago because most people wanted drop-in versions. In recent years, there has been a renewed interest in clawfoot tubs. They are simple to install, and homeowners love their elegance. Suppliers also offer many types of plumbing and hardware, so it is easy for homeowners to customize tubs.

    A Classic Tub Makes a Decorating Statement

    Clawfoot tubs have a more graceful appearance than drop-in bathtubs and look especially good in vintage homes. They are often used to add a retro touch to bathrooms, but homeowners can find models that match or complement any decorating theme. Sellers offer a variety of sizes in styles that include rolled rim, slipper, and dual-ended. Customers may choose all white or opt for eye-catching finishes like bronze or platinum. Smaller, freestanding versions fit nicely in bathrooms that are awkwardly designed or have limited space.

    Tubs Are Easy to Install

    It is much simpler to remove and install a freestanding bathtub than a drop-in version. Removing a drop-in tub involves damaging a good part of walls and flooring. Professional plumbers must install replacements. In contrast, adding a clawfoot tub is as easy as placing it in the desired space. It can take some maneuvering and special equipment to get a metal tub styles into a home, but suppliers offer acrylic versions that are lighter and simpler to work with. Expertise is needed to add the plumbing, but even that is fairly easy compared to drop-in types since pipes are often out in the open and not built into a wall.

    Unique Hardware Adds Style

    Customers can also accessorize their clawfoot bathtubs with beautiful faucets. Most providers offer a variety of plumbing packages. Homeowners may choose telephone, gooseneck, and tower faucets. Plumbing can be freestanding as well as wall or deck mounted.

    Old-fashioned clawfoot bathtubs are in style again. They are beautiful and easier to install than drop-in versions. They are also popular because homeowners can choose elegant hardware and faucets that add charm and function to bathrooms.

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