• Telecom solution while travelling to Germany

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    May 21, 2020 /  News & Article

    Germany is a beautiful country and has plenty of fantastic tourist attractions. Visitors from all over the world travel to Germany to see architectural treasures and fascinating places of natural beauty. The most popular destination is Berlin, one of the most fascinating capitals in Europe. Many of Germany’s other major cities have proud histories as independent city states or as capitals of kingdoms in their own right.

    With globalisation and greater affluence, an increasing number of Indian residents travel to Germany for business & leisure purposes. One of the most important things that an international tourist requires in his bag along with other items is a communication device. As roaming charges in Germany are very high, various telecom companies have come up with country-specific Germany SIM card for all Indians travelling to Germany. These cards save you from paying huge incoming call charges and help you make your all international calls at normal call rates.

    In India, there are numerous companies that provide international mobile solution for frequent travellers. So if you are planning to visit Germany, don’t forget to buy a country-specific SIM card for Germany. You can contact companies like Matrix Cellular and get your Germany SIM card before departure. Matrix Cellularis one of the leading names of the Indian telecom industry. The country-specific SIM cards offered by the company allow all those travelling to Germany to access seamless connectivity throughout Germany.

    Benefits of using Matrix Germany SIM cards

    Whether you’re visiting the Brandenburg Gate or sailing down the Danube on a river cruise you can enjoy the following benefits with a Matrix German SIM card:
    Post paid connection
    Pre activated mobile number
    Free incoming calls
    Significant savings compared to using International Roaming
    No need to worry about topping up prepaid cards or calling cardsNowadays, the company also provides country-specific Germany data cards for internet access while travelling Germany. This new data roaming service is specially tailored for business and leisure travellers looking for cost efficient data solutions. Under this new service, travellers can get a data card (dongle) on rent with a Matrix SIM card and data plan.

    Matrix Data Cards have made it very convenient for you to connect to your email and internet as well as use video calling at mobile broadband speeds. Plug in to use the fastest available connection with mobile broadband speeds of upto 3.6 Mbps and avail the following benefits:
    Convenient: freedom to connect; anytime, anywhere
    Cost-effective: Economical than using Indian data cards in Germany
    Various data packages to choose from
    Avoid the hassle of finding to Wi-Fi zones in Germany
    Excellent network connectivity
    Billing in Indian RupeesCellular device compatibility

    In order to use a Germany SIM card, one needs to have an unlocked cell phone. If you don’t have a global phone/unlocked device then you can rent the handset also. For this you may be required to deposit a security amount which is refunded when you return the handset.

  • Learn more about Independent Director Services to Stay in Compliance without Giving Up Control

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    May 21, 2020 /  Legal

    Banks and other lenders typically require business customers to have a board of directors. There is a really good reason for this. A board of directors ensures the company remains in compliance with the law and the requirements of any loans they receive. In some cases, the board is involved in strategy and appointment the chief executive officer for the company. Without a board of directors, the company leadership would be free to take the company in any direction they like without any oversight.

    Potential for Conflict

    There is always potential for conflict when driven personalities are involved. The board of directors is loyal to the company’s stakeholders and may limit the risks a CEO takes. When the CEO thinks they are right and the board doesn’t have confidence in the CEO, there is sure to be conflict. There is a way to avoid much of this conflict. Independent directors are unbiased representatives. They serve the stakeholders but they won’t allow personal feelings about the CEO to cloud their judgment.

    Advantages of Using an Independent Board

    The main advantage of hiring an independent board is that the company is in control of the duties of the board. An independent board will not conspire to oust a leader but it will ensure the CEO, COO or CFO do not make decisions that negatively impact the company. A business must take risks to compete but too much risk could disqualify a company for a loan. An independent board could be assigned the duty to ensure the company meets the lender’s requirements.

    Although a board may slow down the process of making major changes in a company, there are very good reasons for this oversight. Not only does it give the company a better chance for longevity, but oversight also ensures the stakeholders’ interests are considered before anything else. When the only reason a company has a board is to satisfy a lender’s requirements, the directors should Learn more about Independent Director Services before appointing board members. Using this service could give the company more control over its future while still allowing it to take advantage of loaned money.